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About Productions Without Borders

Finally the tools needed for inclusive drama content creation.

Production Without Borders is a social enterprise committed to supporting the content industries efforts to engage today's coveted and lucrative diverse audiences from page to exhibition. We believe that the best way to engage the market is to hire the market on-and-off camera, in every sector of the content creation business worldwide. 

Our goal is to provide  the industry with tools and training to employ and empower targeted groups to engage their segments of the population consciously.  The research shows that diversity can enhance your show's originality, creativity, and authenticity or it can  alienate the audiences you are trying to engage. 

We are committed to helping you track your results on every episode on content you create. What gets measure gets done, so get tracking. 

This is new behaviour for everyone and taking our training will encourage targeted groups  to share and embrace  their cultural expertise, and learn a new way of working with their departments and beyond.  

Targeted Groups Working in Entertainment?

The biggest challenge producers have is finding people of colour, differently abled, indigenous, trans, and two spirited people who work in film and television. We are looking for people in every sector from pitch to launch. We want to make sure you have a great experience working with the people we recommend by making sure you get the training you need to make the most of your collaboration.

Diverse talent has hidden knowledge that we can help reveal so it can be shared with their production in a way that it can be used. 

Join today and become part of a community committed to creating content that does no harm and ending bigotry everywhere.  If you are interested in creating content in a new way, join today.. 

Be the DifferenceThe World Needs Now!

 Media has a massive impact on our society. COVID 19 has helped us see what's not working in our societies and we can come out of this better than ever. The good news is that we can make a massive difference. Productions Without Borders teaches you how to make content without harming your society. Create content that values the differences between us, instead of pretending we are all the same. Imagine creating more creative content and being inclusive so that everyone in society can be entertained by every episode of every show. No more"black" episodes. Every episode entertains everybody. If you realize you don't have a clue how you are going to do that, and you are ready to learn, take a workshop. 

Productions Without Borders is the brainchild of a former Network Executive who is committed to using her experience to help the industry understand why being inclusive is good for everyone. Most importantly, King shows you exactly what to do. Living with ADD has made checklists an important part of how King became successful in her career. She uses a system of checklists to make sure that every department in every sector is doing their part to make sure we create content that does not harm our societies and boosts the bottom line.

Karen King is one of the few women of colour in national private network television comedy and drama series production and recognized that there was something missing. "Well there were a few things missing. There wasn't enough awareness of the power of having a diverse team. There was even less knowledge about how to do it, especially for those who were on the front lines of making the content, and everyone seemed to be doing their own thing."  A lot were doing what Karen King calls "Do It Yourself Diversity". The writers, directors and crew were trying to guess what we would say and do, based on stereotypes they had learned from other TV shows. It's not working anymore because there are more choices for diverse audiences. These audiences are well over 50% of the population in every major market and represent trillions of dollars of earning power and disposable income. Everyone has to do better and do more to engage today's diverse audience. This program is about collaboration. 

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This is about creating content that reflects the world we all live in. Imagine content that reflects the diversity within each of our communities. Imagine sets, networks & writing rooms where everyone is reflected, respected and recognized. Imagine sharing the opportunities to boost ratings. Let's come together and make it clear what we can provide and how we will provide it. Embrace your hidden knowledge, & learn a new way of working and share your keys to success.

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